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SNG advises, dresses, and accompanies public figures in their daily lives, including photo sessions, video shoots, tours, fashion weeks, events, and private life.


Founded in 2017 by Noëlla Ndzamba, SNG has established itself as both a pioneer and a leader in the luxury streetwear styling domain, offering precise and unique fashion styling services.


Celebrities such as Aya Nakamura, SCH, Ninho, Dj Snake, and Gazo, to name a few, have all benefited from SNG’s services, which provide the analysis and expertise they require.



Noella Ndzamba ,  Founder and Stylist

the founder

Noella, a visionary in the fashion industry and a seasoned expert in the art of procurement, saw her passion flourish during a landmark professional experience as a Public Relations Manager in New York in 2015 for the brand Brooklyn Tailors. 


Since her childhood, Noella’s enthusiasm for fashion and sneakers has guided her. It is this fascination with footwear that inspired the creation of Sneakers and Go in 2017, a revolutionary concept for sneaker rentals in Paris, tailor-made to meet the demanding needs of stylists.


This innovative venture emerged from the growing demand for sneakers in the fashion industry, fueled by Noella’s avant-garde vision and her deep commitment to promoting an eco-responsible approach in the world of fashion.


Noella has already demonstrated her exceptional analytical skills within large international corporations and prestigious CAC 40 groups such as STELLANTIS and SANOFI, where she brilliantly showcased her talents as a buyer.


Building on this experience, Noella has skillfully transferred her expertise to the audiovisual sector, providing thoughtful solutions to specific challenges, all within the framework of a decidedly eco-responsible approach.

Throughout her journey, Noella had the opportunity to deepen her knowledge of sneaker culture by earning a degree in Sneakers Essentials from FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York, a renowned institution in the fashion industry.


This pursuit aimed to strengthen her passion and assert her expertise in the realm of sneakers. Upon returning to Paris, Noella continued to develop Sneakers and Go, collaborating with numerous stylists to create outstanding visuals for photo shoots, video clip productions, and even within the realm of personal styling.


Her personal style, seamlessly blending tailoring, streetwear, and a touch of luxury, is a unique fusion. Her understated elegance and commitment to the significance of sneakers have propelled her into a recognized expert in the field.

Noella has subsequently become a lecturer in Fashion Styling at L’EIDM, the top-ranked French fashion school among Business Schools.

Her journey encompasses a multitude of diverse styling projects, ranging from video clips to photoshoots and prestigious ceremonies.


Her clientele includes public figures, models, high-level athletes, content creators, and internationally renowned urban artists. This diverse array of collaborations attests to her remarkable ability to adapt to varied needs and create unique styles.


As a fashion consultant, she has provided expertise to the majority of Parisian stylists in the music industry. Her work has touched artists such as SCH, the stylist for Aya Nakamura, Gazo, Niska, Ninho, Dj Snake, to name just a few. Her role involved offering in-depth expertise in the realm of sneakers, guiding stylists in crafting exceptional looks through her curated selection of sneakers.


After supporting and advising numerous stylists through Sneakers and Go, she has gained solid on-the-ground expertise, both nationally and internationally. This enriching experience has strengthened her understanding of stylists’ needs, enabling her to develop a holistic approach to fashion styling.


Passionate about the art of styling, she remains dedicated to promoting a more responsible and accessible fashion. Her career, guided by an enduring passion for sneakers, reflects her determination to excel in this ever-evolving industry, be it in Paris, New York, London, Los Angeles, or anywhere else in the world.


Our services

Our 360° styling service offers a premium experience from head to toe.


Our team of professional stylists and fashion consultants has extensive experience in the fashion industry.


We understand the importance of visual presentation and the impact that style can have on your image and self-confidence. We specialize in luxury streetwear, crafting sharp looks that blend tailoring, luxury, and streetwear. We collaborate with both emerging labels and renowned brands such as sacai, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Prada, Alyx Studio, and many others to provide you with creations that embody elegance and originality while meeting your specific needs.


Whether for a music video, a photoshoot, or an exclusive event, our meticulous attention to detail ensures an expression of your distinctive personality.

Our personal shopping service is designed to offer you a tailored and exclusive shopping experience.


Whether you are a public figure, a celebrity, an artist, an athlete, or simply someone in search of professional style expertise, we are here to help you find the perfect pieces that match your personality, needs, and lifestyle.


Our professional personal shoppers are fashion and trend experts with in-depth knowledge of the latest collections, emerging designers, and renowned brands.


They are dedicated to providing you with informed recommendations, discovering unique pieces, and creating ensembles that highlight your style.


How our personal shopping service works:


  1. Personal Consultation: We begin with a thorough consultation to understand your needs, personal style, and preferences. Whether you’re looking for an outfit for a special event, a complete wardrobe, or just trendy pieces, we customize our service based on your goals.
  2. Customized Research: Our team conducts targeted research to find items that align with your brief. We consider current trends, designer collections, luxury houses, and streetwear brands to present you with a carefully curated selection.
  3. Private Fittings: You have private fittings at partner luxury boutiques, where you can try on clothing and accessories in complete privacy. Our personal shoppers assist you in selecting the pieces that suit you best.
  4. Expert Advice: We provide expert advice on styles, cuts, colors, and combinations to help you create exceptional looks. We also share insights on the latest fashion trends and how to maximize your existing wardrobe.
  5. Comprehensive Service: Our personal shopping service includes limited edition or trendy sneakers that we can source exclusively through our network. We are also here to help you choose luxury watches, luxury bags, high jewelry, and other items to complete your outfits.
  6. Personal Follow-Up: Our relationship doesn’t end with a single shopping experience. We are here to accompany you throughout, offering outfit ideas with purchased pieces, observing the evolution of your style and wardrobe, keeping you updated on the latest trends, and providing regular updates.


Whether you are looking for a specific pair of sneakers, a luxury watch, a rare piece, our personal shopping service is the ideal option to streamline your acquisitions.

Turn to our service for an unparalleled experience.

At SNG, Your Devoted Partner in the World of Luxury Streetwear Fashion. We offer specialized fashion consulting services, aiming to support and inspire creative teams in the realization of their exceptional projects, whether you are a music label, production company, stylist, brand, or any other creative entity.


Our Professional Approach

At the intersection of art and style, we are committed to providing professional expertise for every aspect of your image. Our experienced consultants dedicate themselves to understanding your specific needs and offering strategic advice on garment choices, sneaker selections, and aesthetic coherence to ensure a perfect harmony with current trends.

Why Choose SNG?

  • Personalized Advice: Every client is unique, and our recommendations are meticulously tailored to your goals and identity.

  • International Responsiveness: Whether your project is local or global, our professional team is ready to accompany you with agility and efficiency.

  • Sharp Expertise: Our passionate and professional consultants bring a deep understanding of the nuances of streetwear fashion.

Targeted Clients:

  • Music Labels: Establish a distinctive visual image that complements your unique sound identity.

  • Production Companies: Integrate a stylized aesthetic into your audiovisual productions.

  • Stylists: Receive professional advice to refine and amplify your creative vision.

  • Brands: Differentiate yourself in the market by captivating your audience with judicious clothing choices.


Global Support, Local Excellence

Whether you are launching your project in France or abroad, SNG offers you global support, with special attention to local and international details.


Contact Us for a Personalized Consultation

Make SNG your trusted partner that transforms your ideas into a compelling visual reality. Contact us today for a personalized consultation and discover how our expertise in streetwear fashion can propel your project to excellence.

At SNG, we provide a selection of exclusive, authentic sneakers, ranging from luxury models, unique collaborations, to classic designs, to cater to the needs of various audiovisual projects and fashion events, whether it’s for Fashion Week, music videos, editorials, TV productions, series, films, or advertisements.


Our service is specifically tailored for VIPs, celebrities, television stars, athletes, and content creators.


We believe we are the best at recommending sneakers. So, when you turn to SNG, you gain access to our sneaker expertise and a passionate team that will help you choose the perfect models for your project.


Our goal is to offer you a hassle-free experience by providing you with the sneakers you need when you need them.


Our service is an extension of your creative team, and we work hand in hand with you to ensure that your sneakers perfectly align with your aesthetics and message.

SNG offers a premium cleaning service for your most precious and iconic shoes. We understand that each pair is unique and may have immeasurable value to you, which is why we are committed to providing exceptional care for your luxury and collector sneakers.


Our Commitment to Preservation

It can be challenging to entrust your luxury or collector’s pair to a third-party service for care, but at SNG, we fully understand the importance of the value that certain pairs represent to our clients. Our experts are sneaker enthusiasts themselves, and they treat each pair with the care and attention needed to preserve their value, authenticity, and original beauty.


Steps of Our Cleaning Service

Our cleaning process is meticulous and comprehensive. It begins with a thorough evaluation of the condition of your shoes, allowing our experts to determine the optimal treatment. Then, we proceed with the cleaning using special techniques and high-quality cleaning products to gently remove dirt, stains, and impurities without damaging the original material.


Detail Care

We leave no detail overlooked. Soles, laces, eyelets, logos, and decorative elements are carefully cleaned to restore the shine and cleanliness of your pair. We exhibit unparalleled precision to ensure that every element is impeccable.


Protection and Finish

After completing the thorough cleaning, we apply special protective products to prevent future damage and extend the life of your sneakers. Your shoes are then carefully dried to avoid any deformation. Finally, we inspect them meticulously to ensure they are ready to be worn again.


Cleaning Service for All Types of Shoes

Whether you own leather, suede, canvas, or shoes made from other materials, our cleaning service is suitable for a variety of shoes. Whether it’s high-end sports sneakers, designer shoes, rare collector’s shoes, or luxury models, we are equipped to take care of your precious shoes.


Restore the Shine of Your Sneakers

If your beloved sneakers need a rejuvenation, trust SNG to restore their original shine. Our premium cleaning service is designed to preserve the quality and appearance of your shoes, thereby extending their lifespan and value.

Entrust your sneakers to experts who share your passion for sneakers.


At SNG, we take pride in our premium cleaning service and are committed to restoring and preserving your precious pairs in the best way possible.

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SNG Magazine

The SNG magazine is committed to building a dynamic ecosystem, creating connections between the worlds of sports, fashion, whether it’s luxury houses or streetwear culture, and music, with a focus on rap and hip-hop.


We are determined to explore these interconnected worlds that revolve around sneaker culture, highlighting the unique synergies and mutual influences.